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Spica removal

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Hey guys....would someone be kind enough to scan the shop manual for removing the spica fi pump from a 1974 Alfa spider....I don't yet have a manual and I am not sure if I need to remove the radiator or even if can be done without pulling the motor.....
Thanks in advance.
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I thought I had posted this before but I can't find it. You can remove the pump without pulling the motor. It is fairly straight forward. From memory:

Remove the SPICA belt (mark the pulley as shown in the next post), and disconnect all the pipes, wires, throttle rods, etc. Be careful when removing the TA so as not to kink the tube. There is a bracket in the back that has (2) M6 bolts - remove those. Two more M6's at the rear adjacent to the motor mount - remove them. Now for the tricky part:

The SPICA base is bolted to the SPICA pump with (6) M6 nuts. The body of the pump at these nuts is scooped out but a standard socket is still too big. So you want to take a 1/4" drive socket and grind down the outside diameter and shorten its overall length to allow it to fit. Then with a 6" (I think) extension you can reach the three nuts on the back side.. Now that I think of it, you may need to remove the injector pipes altogether to gain access. THe front nuts are pretty easy to get to.

With the (6) nuts removed the pump should pull straight up and out. That's about it. Not fun but not impossible. Sorry, no pictures...

Good luck!
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Well, I just found the pictures:

The three nuts on the front of the SPICA base:
Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Carburetor Machine

The three rear nuts on the SPICA base:
Auto part

The two M6 bolts at the rear of the SPICA pump:
Auto part Fuel line Engine

The bracket and the two M6 bolts at the back of the SPICA pump:
Auto part Engine Fuel line Pipe

A couple of additional tips:

Bring the motor up to TDC and then clearly mark the SPICA pulley so that you can put it back in position without retiming it.
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Looks like you'd be well advised to remove the distributor as well.
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