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Spica Questions - GTV (no start)

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So, the 105 has been sitting in a shed for 6 months or so.....I haven't really had much time to work on it.

Anyway, long story short - went to start it to pull it into the shop, and it just cranked. Checked the tank - no gas.

Put some gas in it & it spluttered ran a couple of seconds & died.

Pushed it into the shop - cracked a couple of injectors and there was some fuel. Spark is there.

Long story short - also loosened the nut on top of the filter housing (with just the electric pump running) and fuel sprays out.
At the injectors it's a dribble.....a pulsing dribble but a dribble.

I thought maybe the lines were gummed up, but the outlet to the pump is the same is that normal (eg low flow & pressure - I assuming it should be higher, but what sort of volume & pressure do you see at starting/idle)

The fuel stop solenoid was disconnected anyway, but I thought the lever may be stuck down - I checked that, free to move.

I also removed the barometric sensor (looked normal -28mm) and the lever spring was intact - oddly the arm only appeared to have a couple of positions when I pulled with my pinky.

It'll run with easy start - so I'm pretty sure the issue is with the pump? But it was running OK, so I'm a little stumped.

Has anyone got any suggestions? What to check?


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I know you said you checked the spark but are the plugs wet/damp? Try a fresh set
Good point and probably worth a try - I pulled them a couple of times yesterday (they were damp) and cleaned them. Seems odd if it runs on starting fluid though?
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