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1969 1750 Spider Dual 45DCOE (converted)
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Great timing on this question. I have a Spica pump and system that was removed from my 69 1750 back in 1979 and has just been on a dusty shelf. I am beginning to get my car back on the road after being torn down since 1989. I always ran Webers on it and am wondering if I should put the Fuel Injection system back together or continue to run webers. Big question is how much work and expense it would be to recondition the fuel injection and if it would really make the drivability of the car any different. I always enjoyed driving the car with the webers but then again, I was a kid. I have now just turned 60 and enjoy the trouble free driving and creature comforts of my 2016 Masertti Quatroporte, so fiddling with dual carbs may be less appealing to me these days.
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