Since I am switching to carb and have to free some room in my garage here is a list of for sale items taken out of my perfectly running 1976 Alftetta.
I live in Israel so you’ll have to add shipping for the items but with regular post office tracked service costs are decent.
For PayPal payment add 4%.

The pump is not the car original that one was bad and removed, with the T255/1 the car drove strong before went the carburetor way, new switch cutoff SW was installed a year ago.
I advise the pump to be sent to a professional for check and rebuild anyway as I don’t know its internal condition.
T255/1 Spica pump - SOLD!

The thermostatic actuator (original for the 1976 Alftetta) works as it should, extending out when warm, I never had issues with cold starting.
Thermostatic actuator - SOLD!

Intake manifold is in good condition, clean and lubricated with everything moving freely, if needed the hard pipes and injectors are also available.
intake manifold - 180$
4 injectors - 80$
Spica hard tubing – Sold!

Fuel pump is the original 3 Port one, never had issues with it.
Original 3 ports spica fuel pump: 100$

Original Fispa fuel filter housing with fuel pressure sensor - 50$

2 Spare new fuel cutoff switches, one with housing and cable: SOLD!

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