I finally bit the bullet and had these printed. Originally they were printed on foil. The cost for me to reproduce these in foil would be a bit on the high side. So, I had them printed on vinyl. The vinyl has a mirror finish and looks great.

I have had a sticker printed on this same stuff in the engine compartment of my Audi for a few years. It was applied just above the turd-bo. So, I know it can take the heat. The vinyl is rated to 90° C. If you look closely, you can see where I've picked at one of the corners to peal it off. Adhesion appears to be really good!

I highly recommend cleaning the crap out of the plate on the injection pump where this sticker is to be applied. The plate in my picture is original. I cleaned it in my kitchen sink (Nope, not married). It has great adhesion.

Price for the sticker is $6 shipped to US address and $7 to Canadian addresses. If you live somewhere else, we'll need to talk.

Thank you for looking.

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