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Try reinstalling your 123 distributor with cylinder 1 at TDC and the valves closed. Then rotate the distributor until the green light comes on. What you are doing here is syncing the engine and the electronic ignition. Once you have that set bolt the distributor down. Don’t worry about where the pointer is pointing on the pulley. All of your curve adjustments are made using the 123 app.
The part you left out is that the value in the 123 app and where the pointer is pointing to on the pulley needs to be identical (synced). IOW, if you (for example) have 30 degrees advance at 3500 rpm on the app, you need to verify with a timing light that you are at 30 degrees advance on the pointer/pulley on the car at 3500 rpm. Then you can bolt (set) and forget and make all your timing adjustments on the app changing degrees of advance at various rpms. Only one rpm and advance value needs to be verified (not the entire range) and I'd lean towards a higher rpm verification. There isn't a guarantee that TDC and the green light just coming on is a perfect sync, although in theory it should be.
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