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Spettacolo Sportivo 2007 in Assen

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Here some pics of the day in Assen:

For 110 other pictures of the day you most go to the next link: Spettacolo Sportivo 2007
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Mooie fotos.
Spijtig dat het zo ver is ...

Wonderful Pics
A shame it's so far away accross the pond.


Hampton, Virginia
Great photos. I'm always impressed by the number and quality of old Alfas in the Netherlands. You guys over there are doing a great job of keeping the old cars running!
Now, this was totally unexpected. A GMC Motorhome at an Alfa Gathering in the Netherlands. They only made 12,000 of these coaches from 1974 through 1978. I wonder how many were exported?

The car is pretty nice too. Pardon my ignorance, but what is it? It is beautiful, and in my favorite color.


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It`s a Bizzarini. With a Corvette engine . I guess the GMC is an USA import.
Some good stuff.:)
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