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Tools are sold.

Selling a series of Specialized Tools for Alfetta, Milano, and GTV6. The price for these tools is $535.00 plus shipping TBD.

A.3.0446 and A.3.0447 Puller and Driver
A.3.0435 Axle Antivibration Bushing Tool
A.2.0366 Flywheel Lock
A.2.0131 Rear Hub Lock
A.2.0267 Dummy Shifters
A.2.0265 and A.2.0069 Tortion Bar Release Tools
A.3.0361 Input Shaft Rear Bearing Race & Drive

Since I am working in locating special tools for the cars of interest to me like 750/101 and 105 series I am open to trades or partial trades on these or any other tools I will be listing shortly. Interested should contact me at [email protected]. I only have access to the Alfa BB Forum via Computer only and I am not near a computer most of the time.

More tools coming mostly 115, Alfetta, Milano, and 164.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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