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Special Alfa Romeo SS

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Anybody have any knowledge on this. Its is up for sale in Germany


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Good grief ... that should have been shot at birth. I'd say that at least ten cars (Alfa, Maserati, ASA, Ferrari) have contributed to the 'styling' of that car.

Its creator (Dr Frankenstein?) should be added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list, IMHO. :(
It looks like a tart's window box!
old joke, that's an insult to tarts!
Front comes from a Spyder, heavily overdone....
It looks to me like a heavily modified Giulietta/Giulia Sprint Speciale. Look at the line of the front and rear fenders, the line of the A-pilar? Certainly not something I would buy!

Ciao, Olaf
yes its a heavily modified SS. The rear lambs I think its from a Zagato, and maybe the front grill also. The hard top can be from a Spitfire?
Yes, the rear lights (Carello or Altissimo) were used on the GT 1300 Junior Zagato and the Berlina 1750 had them from 1967. These lights are also used on more exotic Italian cars.
The hart on the front could originate from a Duetto. But then the centre would have been cut out. It isn't as shiny, maybe a 'homemade' item?
The top curvature of the rear screen looks a bit like the rearscreen of a Porsche 911?? I haven't got a clue about the bumpers.
Curious car! :D

Ciao, Olaf
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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