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What is the original speakers / positioning in a '76?

I have the original radio head. But there is 2 sets of speakers installed.

1. Blaupunkt small about 3.5" just behind the door jam.

2. Some 5" rubbish speakers glued / screwed to the center console side panels.

The 2nd set look after market, so going to pull them. But are the 1st set original equipment? any ideas where to buy new ones if they are correct?
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there were no factory speakers. just dealer installed whereever they felt like. my 74 has two in front of the door, and two in the back of the seats.
My '77 has two in the center console. They face outward and therefore the passenger is hearing mono... Sony - obviously aftermarket, so no help on "originality"
I have 5 1/4" round speakers in the kick panels in the front of my '74, which is where some of the series 3 cars (like my '87) also had them originally. The kick panel is plastic, while the metal behind it is steel, so cutting the holes might be tough, but because each is a sealed enclosure, the sound is very good. I was lucky enough to borrow a large power drill (1/2 hp) with a 4 3/4" hole saw blade from a friend, and the cutting was quick and painless. Only issue was the clutch pedal was in the way, so I disconnected the pushrod from the MC first. If later for the sake of originality you want the install to vanish, just pull the speakers and replace the plastic kick panel covers. Also, the speakers I used (Polk, IIRC) have a very plain black screen grille, so they look almost like a factory install and are kick-proof, too. Sorry I don't have any pics handy.
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