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My 74 is like the 71 where the rear shelf has two indentations as if some leg-less child could have a seat back there.

Not gonna happen, not matter how much Thalidomide is given to your pregnant spouse. Not to mention you can't predict the outcome and you could end up with a child with flippers instead of arms/hands instead of the desired stumps for legs.

Where was I. Oh yes. I had my stereo guy build up the smallest shelf which brings the rear shelf just a tad over the shelf height of say a series 3.

Now you have room for a small amplifier and a small subwoofer. Mine is on a piano hinge so it is easy to tilt forward if maintenance is needed.

Fun Fact, the box has a sturdy metal screen and the whole thing is covered by a black "sonically invisible" carpet so anyone looking into the car doesn't see expensive equipment out. Don't want any wing windows broken as some idiot tries to to steal my stuff.

Also, I agree with the outer kick panel. Interior center console just sends music the wrong way.
Sounds great!
Any pictures?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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