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I am in the process of restoring my '71 Spider and am trying to keep it totally original down to the stereo and all switchgear. The previous (original) owner had replaced the stock radio and added speakers in an area I do not think was correct. The speakers were kept using the magnets on the woofer up against the lowest part of the A-pillars by the footwells. I doubt that was the proper location... Aside from placing them on the rear "parcel shelf" behind the seats, is there any other location where Alfa might have installed the original speakers?

Thank you in advance,

I found the floor speakers useless at any speed, and unhooked them. Instead I built a removable box, covered it with vinyl and installed 3-way 6x9s. I tied front and back for each side together, and ran the wires tucked just under the center console. I didnt use an amp, but that close to the back of my head, I dont need it. The box volume is small, but sufficient to generate a good lower mid-range punch through the seat when wanted. The volume is sufficient to hear at 75 on the interstate. The grills on the speakers protect them, so I throw stuff on them without any problem. The back of the box is short enough so that the rag top window barely contacts, but is not deformed by it. THere are some more pics on here showing the back and inside, but here's one of the finished product.

Obviously not original, but allows you to have tunes without modifying the interior any further than has been done.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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