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hi guys & gals,

I have just pulled the motor from my alfa and in doing so, had to remove a couple of the spark plugs.
The last plug change the tips were perfect , tan etc. These were almost orange on the intake side (I presume) and a little darker on the other side. Between 500 and 1000 miles on the new plugs.

how do I read the orange color?

last bit of information,
aftermarket ign., increased the mains and airs too.


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Hi Bruce,
Couple of questions;

What size were the mains and airs before the change and what are they now?

Are the new sparkplugs the same brand and heat range as the previous set that came out tan?

And if the previous set of plugs were tan, why were the jets changed?

And last, what year and size is the engine and what carbs are on it?
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