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We are going to do this regardless of whatever is happening in the world. The second annual all Italian Father's Day car show this year on June 21st in beautiful Cranbrook, BC, Canada. The US/Canada border may even open that day, who knows. Public viewing from 11:30-2. No fees, no prizes, no T-shirt. I will probably be BBQ'ing smokies up for lunch.
I'm not really expecting anyone to join us but if they do that would be super cool. Let me know if you are coming please. If you want to make a weekend trip of it we recommend staying at,
Elizabeth Lake Lodge.

Some places to eat are,
Sakura Sushi, super awesome, I love eating here
Hiedout restaurant and brewhouse, great food, great beer and have BC apple cider on tap.
Allegra, fantastic food, more fancy, date night type place.
Hot Shots, I consider this more a lunch place but they are open for dinner, really wonderful.
If travelling highway 3 between cranbrook and fernie, the best burgers in the region are at 3&93 dairy bar in Elko.

There are some pretty great driving roads near here.
Destination Highways BC, the number 1 road in the entire province is an hour away. Highway 3A Creston to Kootenay Bay. Just time it so your trip back from Kootenay Bay is not just after a ferry unloaded..... There are also three fairly good wineries in Creston, Baillie-Grohman, Skimmerhorn, Wynnwood, Stone cold ice cream is almost next door to Wynnwood, all four are a fun stop. If you stop for ice cream, which is recommended, go up above to the picnic tables and gaze over the valley.
Some fun right in Cranbrook side trips are,
From just north of the junction of highway 95 and 95A, take mission road, mission/wycliffe road, Wycliffe road and exiting back onto highway 95 on King street.
The Wardner/Fort Steele road is nice, between highway 95 and highway 3
Just north of Cranbrook on Highway 93 at Wasa, the Lazy Lake road from Wasa out to the end of the pavement and back again.

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