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source for 2600 soft top interior lining fabric?

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Can anybody make any recommendations for a source for the headlining to fit inside my 2600 Spider soft top? I hope to have the new top fitted in a couple of weeks and would prefer to fit a headlining that is the same as or close to what was original. I'm in the UK but prepared to shop anywhere.

Thanks in anticipation!

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Same material used on 280sl. Black with cross stitching
Thanks Herve

I'll post a source if/when I track down suitable material. I found some photos of the inside of a 2600 Spider soft top I had downloaded a few years ago and noted no headlining was fitted inside the top. Both my original and spare soft tops have a small rectangular check material (off white/dark grey) sewn inside the top which would look much better inside the car than an exposed frame.


I have an original top also and the headliner was originally black(if you take it apart you will see that it has faed and discolored overtime.. The closest material I found is the material used on bow drill for mercedes 280sl..very close.just a little thinner..
Do you have a source for the felt material used where the top is stowed away?
I've done some digging and found bow drill for Mercedes at GER German Canvas Convertible Top Material
The beige variant is also for sale at Woolies in England:
Woolies Trim - Dobby Lining
- but they don't seem to sell it in black unless it is already attached to mohair hood material:
Woolies Trim - Mohair
I'll ask Woolies if they can supply the 'dobby lining' in black but if I can find a black cloth/wool fabric with a pattern a little closer to the original through a dressmaker or upholsterer I'll give that a go.

I wasn't aware that a felt type material was fitted to the area where the top is stowed - my car has very utilitarian grey carpet glued into that area - clearly not original but already glued in place when I acquired the car.

Can anyone also shed light on the rubber? strip that sits in the front of the soft top and which butts against the windscreen top rail when the top is closed (part number I can't see that on the Cicognani page:
Cicognani S.r.l - Guarnizioni per auto d'epoca - 2000 - 2600 Spider (1958-66)
(there is a hardtop head weatherstrip seal but it's a different part number from the soft top in the parts book. They look bodged with some kind of semi-solid black gunge on both of the tops I have. Woolies in the UK sells a rubber extrusion that looks as if it should do the job (Woolies Trim - Rubber Extrusion) - and perhaps the job of the rubber strip that is sewn to the top below the side flaps (

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The correct seal at cicognani is the following:
10045200 HEAD CAPOTE SEAL € 38,00
this could also be a source for the material used behind the seat
Woolies Trim - All Wool Seating Cloth
thanks for your help with this Herve. Woolies replied saying they couldn't supply the dobby lining in black so I've taken a gamble on silk/wool/cashmere charcoal grey check fabric I found on ebay. I've ordered the top seals from Cicognani.
Hi Brian,

Could you please update us when you receive your lining - how does it look (maybe with a photo)? Price? Availability? etc

Thank you,

Convertible Top Liner

What I take from this discussion is that the original 2600 headliner was a black dobby material. From what I can see in the link below, the Black Dobby material on the Robbins website is the same pattern. Correct?

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