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I have run Alfas with both Spica and Webers. I have read and followed numerous Spica manuals, including Wes Ingram's.

In theory, Spica performs better/faster/cheaper/longer. In practice, I found setting up a Spica system to be a lot like maintaining PC software: the manual says "turn screw A and RPM's will rise", but when you do it, RPM's don't rise - the engine stalls. Or whatever. My point is that the Spica pump is sort of a "black box" - it bugs me that I can't readily get inside of it and figure out why it doesn't behave like it is supposed to.

Today ALL of my Alfas run Weber - so, you can guess where my sympathies lie. Webers are dirt simple. You can re-jet them in place. They look cool. What more could you ask for?
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