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As a teen I spent a lot of time in Europe. In 1977 or 78 I passed a few weeks in Casinalbo Citta , near Modena. One day we went to nearby Maranello to see the Ferrari factory and see if we could get some pictures. The factory was closed for the German Grand Prix and we left disappointed.
The next night we had dinner with some people and I relayed the story, my friend Vittorio jumped up and said that if we wanted to see the factory we should just go down there. It was 10 PM on a Saturday night. On the way over he explained that the night watchman was an old veteran and a friend of his family.
Sure enough, when we arrived an old guy came out with a huge ring of keys. he let us in and turned on all the lights and gave us a great tour including the factory floor and of the offices.
I have lost most of the photos, and the couple of souvenirs that I pilfered,( a few bolts with cavallino rampante that I took out of a barrel and a damaged piece of chrome script that I took out of the trash)
here's a photo of me at 17 standing next to the shell of an F1 car. It has Clay Reggazoni's name on it. I hope the photo come through.


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