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Picking up lots and lots of parts from the 75.
The 75 was involved in a front on and was written-off by the insurance company. Someone bought it for very cheap for the running gear (3.0), wheels, brakes etc... to put into a nice white Alfetta sedan.
The rest of the car was left outside of the mechanic's. Rob (step dad) was given the rest of the car for free. Took everything. Windows, doors, sunroof... Everything.
Bonnet was mangled as was the windscreen, front spoiler and a few other parts.

Interestingly, the body had some rust at the jacking points and arches. Other than that it could be a good basis for a racer or something. If anyone is interested PM me.
And no, none of the parts are for sale.

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Looking forward to reading more about this! :cool:
I'll update if I can get more info.

Here's a 3 litre Alfetta Sedan that's for sale here.

Used ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA Private Seller Cars For Sale -

this is one serious conversion:
1977 Alfetta sedan which has been fitted with a 3.0lt V6 from a 164 and complete alfa 90 super running gear. Motor vgc. Haltech F10 efi. 32 mm torsion bars and konis. V6 tailshaft with the larger donuts and complete V6 rear transaxel/de-dion with isostatic gear shift, stronger clutch, diff, halfshafts, wheel hubs, wheels ect. The body is in solid condition and has never needed restoring and has just been repainted. (Threw in a pic of the car being painted to show it was done properly) .The body deadener had been removed from the floor to reduce weight and the floor pan re-painted .
This car has had 100's of hours spent on it with lots of other small mods that i cant even remember. Heres a bit of a list.
GTV front seats.
GTV6 Radiator with twin fans.
In tank fuel pump and external high pressure pump.
Alfa 90 clutch line.
Alfa 90 exhaust (02 sensor fitted).
Modified airbox (no afm).
Modifications to the body shell to fit larger donuts and isostatic system.
Modified rear engine mount.
Not suitable for road use anymore (will NOT get RWC).
If your interested in using this for a club car feel free to give us a call and come have a look.
Note: would consider swap with GTV or GTV6 (alfetta).
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