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Dear all,

We are cleaning our barn up and found:
40 ADDHE solex twin carburators (complete but functional, although under dust! there is no 'C' in front of the indication 40 ADD HE!)
C 40 DDH solex carburators (we have 6 of them, 4 are complete but under a large layer of dust!) Venturi= 32
C 40 ADDHE solex carburators (complete but under a large layer of dust!)
All of these have been laying on the shelves for many many years, but are unopened ...

Could anyone enlighten me on the difference between a ADDH and a ADDHE ...?

I like to mount one of these on a giulietta 1600 spider from 63 (101.23)

Thanks for your wisdom & thoughts!
(answers could be sent to jpduhem (at) hotmail dot com)
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