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This is a new box built almost 3 years ago that has traveled in my trailer since being built.
It originally was built in a 5 bearing case on the main shaft, the added one just ahead of the rear seal for the U-joint flange. I removed the gearset and replaced the cut off mainshaft with a stock shaft with a perfect "olive".
Gear ratios are 1.99/1.59/1.25/1.0/.92 Gears are lightened. has new "Heavy Duty" trans mount
All 5 syncros are early steel not Moly as all my race boxes are. (Far more durable than Moly version.
It is in a short shift rod case with closed bell housing. Tested again on the big lathe for run-in and shifting function.
I`ve been running two identical boxes in my two racecars.

$3,500.00 plus shipping.
Pics below:
Gearset comparing gears to a stock set in the foreground
Internals and cases
During run-in and shift test


1 - 4 of 4 Posts