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Selling A.3.0109. This is a 3 piece set. It is used for pulling the rear axles and then pulling and installing the rear axle bearings on the 750/101 and 2000/2600.

These were only sold as a set.

Tool A.3.0109/1 came later for pulling axles on the later cars with disc brakes. This tool was sold separately by Alfa and is not included in this set. For those who will ask. I do not have one.

The tools are in good shape. All three show some minor surface rust and wear on the finish. The jaw puller has been repaired 2 times in its life. The ear on the jaw has been welded back on and the thread shaft has been weld below the handle at the threads. The repairs are professional and should hold up to normal use.

These tools did come from a shop in Italy and were being used prior to the shop closing a year or so ago.

I will include a copy of the tool bulletin.

It is very hard to find this set complete with all 3 pieces.

Asking 225.00 plus shipping. Open to offers.


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