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SOLD Alfa Special Tool A.2.0195/A.2.0196/A.2.0360 Cylinder Head Stand Set.

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This is a set of the Alfa cylinder head stand set. It includes the swivel base and the yoke for the 4 cylinder head and the V-6 heads. Base clamps in the vise and will swivel around and the yokes will tilt and lock on either side and level. The tighter you clamp the base in the vise the harder it is to swivel. Making it ideal for using the Alfa valve removal tools.

The bases are the hardest part to come by. There are a lot more yokes then bases. As Alfa would supply dealers with one base and multiple yokes for the different engines.

250.00 plus shipping.

I'm selling a lot of NOS parts from the early 90's. So check my other listings. I will combine shipping.

Always open to offers.


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Anyone working on cyl heads; this tool is awesome. Can’t bend valves when head is on this tool
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