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88 Verde in Miami - accepting reasonable offers

Click here for pictures.

Accepting reasonable offers
Mileage is about 150,000.
4th owner, receipts from new. I bought it on the alfabb 6 years ago for my son. He traded it for my 71 Spider. I have space and my wife wants me to keep it, so I’m not forced to sell it. However, I have two other Alfas and I want to concentrate on the 105/115 models.

Based on the documentation, all the previous owners took very good care of the car. After purchasing, we immediately set out to fix and improve everything we could. We did most of the work ourselves. Anything out of my brain range or tool availability was taken to Alfa mechanics. The car came from Texas. It has been stored indoors since I bought it. No rust and straight. Clear Florida title.

In the link to the pictures, I included a screenshot of all the scanned receipts from 2012 to present and a picture of the original 2012 ad. I’m probably missing some, but most are there. I can print or email those to the new owner.

S-cams, new cam followers (installed by an Alfa mechanic)
Plenty of life left on the tires
New Donuts
Fixed belt de-tensioner (mechanical included in sale)
New rear engine mount
Exhaust professionally cut and joined to allow easy removal
Monkey shifter kit
New ATE front rotors
Replaced Thermo-time-switch
Fixed speedo – used amplifier
New steering rack boots
Back window motor wiring fix
Re-calibrated tach
Replaced fuel injector hoses
Replaced two hoses behind thermostat housing replaced
Installed pusher fan – connected to regular fan relay
Replaced lower radiator temp sensor with lower temp trigger from VW
Opened and cleaned up stock fan
New rear rubber fuel lines
Replaced tie rods
Replaced rear wheel studs and lugs
Replaced rear view mirror
Replaced rear wheel bearings
Installed fresh air grate fix and removed leaves inside heater core
Replaced front and rear emblems
Cleaned up grounds on front sub frame
Rewired fan and a/c relays
Replaced radio and speakers. Original radio comes with car.
Replaced door handle rubbers
Cleaned up power window switches
Tranny filled with Redline
A/C not working – has leak
Spare parts:
Non ABS kit.
Few gauge pods – some Verde, some not
Few ARC pods
Alternator (164)
Original cams
Momo steering wheel
Motor mounts (I know they’re here somewhere…)

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The link is definitely working. I just tried from a random machine without being logged into to alfabb or google photos and it worked. Try this: Right-click on the picture link above, then click "Copy link address", open a new browser tab or open a new browser completely and paste the link.

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Was Bob Smith noted as one of the previous owners? In Waco?

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I added a bunch of pictures of the underside. Oil slick is from the oil idiot light that let go on a road trip in the middle of nowhere.
Last bump to the top. Going to bidding sites next.
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