3.0L (164L engine rebuilt with some porting/polishing), S-Cams, Lightened Flywheel, Sperry Large Intake Runners, Motronic EFI, Motronic Injectors, SZ Fuel Pressure Regulator running 40-45 psi, 164S AFM and ECU, Full Flow Oil Cooler allowing to run at 195F when running at high revs
Front-944 Porsche Brembo Calipers, Custom Rotors from Coleman Racing (12" Dia), Stock v6 Brake Booster w/164 Alum 24mm Master Cylinder, Soft Pad
Rear-Calipers w/machined spacers to .810 Custom Rotors from Coleman Racing, Med-Hard Pads
Colotti CR Straight-Cut gears with 3.55 final drive, Clutch is a custom aluminum rear flywheel with solid 4 puck kevlar disc with the stock pressure plate tuned to 2400lbs clamp load
17x8 SSR Comp Cs 45mm offset drilled to ensure hub centricity (total of 6 rims)
Kuhmo Victoracers 225/45/17-Heat cycled
Front Suspension:
Custom Drop Spindles, 25.5mm sway bar, HD Shankle 25.4mm Torsion bars, Adjustable Bilstein shocks
Rear Suspension:
Stock Dedion (non cambered), Shankle HD sway bar, Shankle Super Sport Springs, Super Pro Urethane Bushings on Watts Links, S.Z. DeDion Uniball, Adjustable Bilstein shocks
Headers with Custom X crossover to rear muffler

Best Lap Times (Alfa ARA/AROSC member who does occasional club Time Trail/Race events - meaning it can go even faster in more capable hands)
Laguna Seca - 1:51.08
Willow Springs - 1:37.70
ButtonWillows - 2:07.70

I'm in the process of moving out of my workshop and am selling my 1985 Alfa GTV6 track car that I have owned for many years. I was hoping to continue to enjoy the race car at ButtonWillows, Laguna Seca and Sears Point where it attended events with the AROSC but plans have changed. The Alfa has been stored in a clean dry workshop in the SF Bay Area during my ownership. It's a California car and is a solid platform painted in battleship gray/black colors. The Alfa was stripped down and built from the ground up by a few local Alfa specialist. This Alfa handles very well and is probably one of the faster (if not the fastest) Alfa GTV6s on the track. It has a strong 3.0L engine mated to a Colotti straight-cut gearbox. Although the gearbox shifts well in all gears and reverse, 4th gear needs attention. Shifting to 4th gear yields no gear engagement (spins freely as though it's in Neutral). The driveshaft donuts have APE protective plates to prevent catastrophic failure of the donuts at high RPMs. The Alfa has a bolt-in rollbar and I happen to have a complete new GTV6 roll cage by AutoPower available for sale, if the buyer or someone is interested. The Alfa comes with racing torsion bars, antiroll front bar, SZ Dedion front bushing, adjustable rear bar, custom front drop spindles and upgraded brake calipers and drilled rotors. All brake lines are stainless steel. Brake pads are all racing Ferodo. The rims are super-lite forged SSR Comp Type C in 17" all around. Six rims are included with the Alfa (4 Gunmetal and 2 Bronze). These are very expensive rims ($3k+ for 4 rims alone when I last checked on Ebay). Tires are Kuhmo 225/45/17 all around. Except for the windshield and doors, all other windows (sides and rear) are Lexan.

See above specs for further details.

The Alfa is located in Santa Clara, CA and I'll be visiting the workshop over the next several weeks as I take inventory and photos in prep for selling Alfa parts and cars. I'm not a dealer, just a private person who caught the Alfa virus 30+ years ago and have been playing ever since. I moved near Reno, NV (4 hour drive to workshop) and have decided that paying the crazy high rents in the SF Bay Area for a hobby workshop no longer makes sense. I'm hoping to find a buyer that will appreciate and use this unique Alfa.

P.S. I will not respond to scammers and the like.