I recently pulled this out of a field here in San Diego County after attempting to build the relationship to be able to purchase one of these.

I had no knowledge of what the rust situation was, but knew I, or somebody else could bring it back to life. I was finally able to buy it. After removing the 8” of mouse poop and leaves, I found…. Surprise surprise… a substantial amount of rust. Likely needs floors and probably inner rockers, if not outer too. It looks good from the outside, but needs work. If it wasn’t this bad, I would have made it a bomber and just drove it, but it’s not really safe as it is. And I’m dead in the middle of restoring a very expensive VW bus.

I have the transmission, and original block. A few other ancillary pieces too.

The black wheels on the car do not come with the car. It has the original 15” wheels with hubcaps and tires that are Swiss cheese!

No windshield or trim. To be clear, the rust is worse than it looks from looking at the exterior of the car.

Please ask any questions. Clean CA Title. Both original blue plates.

Car is now SOLD!
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