I will be moving out of my workshop and have decides to sell my 1966 Alfa Sprint GT that I have owned for 26+ years. I was hoping to make this my retirement project but plans have changed. The Alfa was stored in a clean dry workshop in the SF Bay Area during this time. It has spent it's entire life in California and has no rust. Floors, door sills, A/B/C pillars and spare wheel wheel are solid with only some light surface rust in the latter. The Alfa comes complete with all glass, front/rear bumpers, front grill, original running 1600 engine and tranny, driveshaft, original gray interior seating, solid gray dash, instruments etc. The car was disassembled in prep for a complete body restoration and respray 20 years ago. Unfortunately, this never happened and the car has sat for many years waiting for the day to return to its former glory. The Alfa is located in Santa Clara, CA and I'll be visiting the workshop over the next several weeks as I take inventory and photos in prep for selling Alfa parts and cars. I'm not a dealer, just a private person who caught the Alfa virus 30+ years ago and have been playing ever since. I now live near Reno, NV (4 hour drive to workshop) and have decided that paying the crazy high rents in the SF Bay Area for a hobby workshop no longer makes sense, especially since I have relocated near Reno. The photos I've posted are those from about 20 years ago when the Sprint GT was being stripped for a complete body restoration and trunk wheel well re-repair. The Alfa is currently in similar condition as it was covered and stored inside the workshop not long after the photos were taken. You'll notice a new racing fuel sell in the truck of the Alfa, it belongs to another car, and is not included. Will consider selling the fuel cell separately. I'll be taking/posting more photos (as best as I can) in the coming weeks and hope to find a buyer that will appreciate this Alfa and spend the time and money to restore it properly. The Alfa is in my name and I have a clean California title. It has been on planned non-op for 26+ years. I'm looking for a quick sale and prefer to meet potential buyers in-person. As for other Alfa items or cars, I will list those as I decide what I'm going to keep or sell. Let me know if you have any questions. Regards

P.S. I will not respond to scammers and the like.