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I'm a little late posting this, hopefully not too late. This is the mostly-bike companion event to the mostly-car SoCal TT. I've done two of the car events now, had a blast, and am going to try the Cycle event (in a car). I hear there are some other cars going as well. We can always use Alfas, or bring that Ducati, Guzzi, etc., that you've been meaning to get out and ride for a while. The organizer's description is below, and the application form is attached. Pictures and route sheets from past events can be found at SoCalTT Home .



Howdy All,
So Cal Cycle TT will be held October 10-12, Sunday through Tuesday. While preference will be given to two and three wheeled vehicles, please enter a four wheeled vehicle if that is what you have! We will need chase drivers, so reach out if you are interested in providing support in that way.
Days one and three are roughly 250 miles on some of the finest back roads Southern California has to offer. Day 2 is a 300 mile loop out of Ridgecrest that includes Kennedy Meadows and bunch of other really cool roads that would be hard to do if you did not spend the night somewhere like... Ridgecrest...

Also, we have a scholarship fund this year.
Two types of people qualify:
First hit is free candidates: First timers will be given preference in order to diversify and grow our sport! If free entry is what it takes to ruin their lives, er, I mean, give them the benefit of this awesome experience and introduce them to all of... this... then so be it! First hit is free!
Hardship candidates: if someone cannot afford to pay but should go, contact me and I will put them on the scholarship list; hopefully there will be enough in the kitty to get them a ride!

There is a slight discount for Northern Californians to join the ride if they meet us in Ridgecrest end of day one. It would be amazing if everyone could start and finish in Los Angeles and make the awards dinner, but in the name of solidarity and bro-sisterhood, come on down! Two nights of socializing and one day of riding is a hell of a lot better than nothing, and besides: I miss you clowns...

Please feel free to forward this to like minded sick mother effers, the more the merrier. If you can only join for one or two days, let me know and we will figure something out.

Please get your applications back to me as soon as possible.
Thank you and...
See you on the Road, Bronze!

PS: I seem to have gotten a Ducati Monster Dark that is junking up my yard. Almost free to a good home...


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