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So, this guy drops off a stripper........

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Got a phone call the other day, this guy wants directions to my house to drop off a wife thinks it's cooool!!:D

Anyway, this one belongs to catsboy......he may pass on it and then it'll go to the crusher, unless someone else wants to come pick it up!!!:(



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Where is it located?
My next door neighbors - Fred and Wilma - are looking, this might be perfect.

Barney R.
1975 (B.C.) Alfetta Sedan
with 4-wheel discus
Perfect Recepticle

For Milano drive train!
Shed the 4 doors, & ugly body!
Hey Mark: That body looks kind of familiar. If the left front guard and inner wheel well have had some extensive sheet metal mods done to it then it's the "Fetta GT body I started working on as my full time racer. The fender / wheel well mods were so I could run larger wheels and, therefore, bigger brakes (944 Turbo Cup brakes front and rear). The car came from Steve's place up near Lousyville (Paul knows who 'm talking about). Anyway, if that's it then it's one of the most rust free bodies I'd ever seen. Wish I could have finished it but I already had too many things to bring back to Oz so this one went to......well, someone that wanted it. Anyway, say hi to all in the club and for Gods sake post some new stuff on the "Rustetta".

Cheers, Rick.
I have a set of really nice steel wheels that will go on it:D They would look sweet.......Or make it weigh more at the scrapper:eek:

I forgot to bring the door panels to you.

Hey Spunch!!! Left you a massage on your cell.....did you get it? How's the 164 going? Did you get it all sorted out? Hope everyone's well, will try calling again this weekend. Miss everyone, hope to catch you soon, Mr. P.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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