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Sneezing Horses

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Just rec'd the very disappointing news that Morgan Park Raceway is caught in the quarantine zone due to the equine influenza outbreak at the adjacent equestrian centre.:eek:

No more racing likely for the duration of the quarantine - one month, two months....who knows???? :confused::mad::(

Not happy Jan.
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Oh the poor things.

Better put them out of their misery.
(the owners I mean :p )
woo hoo - racing is back on at Morgan Park.

Press release posted on website
will you run at the state titles thing they are doing at the end of september??
Yep. Clubman is still out of action, so will take my chances in with the Group N cars in the 105.

Word on the cancelled A Round is that it will be rescheduled to the first weekend in November (week before the Noosa hillclimb).
I think I may be travelling for work at the end of Sept. So prob won't see you until November.

I'll hopefully get my nitron adjustable springs/dampers onto the elise in time for the next one!
shame on channel 10 for delaying sunday nights telecast of the monza f1 till 2am to make way for a rugby match that doesnt even involve australia
:mad: that's outrageous, that can't do that, I'll sue :mad:

hang on, I tape the race anyhow...and what's it got to do with sniffly horses depriving me of my racing fix :rolleyes::D
well its got to do with racing so i figured here is as good as the pub

what you can do is get yourself a little underpowered 1200 sud and drive it as hard as you can all day everyday just to keep up with modern day traffic. its like being on a ractrack every day.:D
As of the weekend, it was still looking like first weekend in Nov - but not yet confirmed.

Also, EOIs are out for next year.

Ran V6 without rear muffler on weekend - what a howler!

Got the PB down to a 3:52 (3 laps, long track), which while not Elise pace, is not bad for a road car that weighs 1250kg!

I've never understood all the fuss about the flu.....just jam some Codral into the nags and send them back to work.
Hey mate.

Just got back. Will be at MP on the weekend with bells on (and the codral ready). Look forward to seeing you and the gtv.

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