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It was this time again. got the $200 gold.

last time it passed but the car has never seem to idle right.
any way this time was a big fail
                  CO2   O2     HC   CO   NO
15 MPH            13.4   2     294  .33  1365
25 MPH            14.6   .3    116  .17   460
I am thinking I blew out the cat so I get a new cat and a new O2

Put them in record time. But looking at the o2 wire it is still pegged lean I screw in the bypass on the AFM all the way in and still lean. I so I grab my old AFM from the verde plug it in and bam the idle is smooth for the first time I have owned that car. I set the by-pas with the white wire unpluged until the white start to oscillate then plugeged it in and got that L-jet hi-low tone. Went to retest pass big time
                  CO2    O2      HC    CO    NO
15 MPH            14.4    .9     41    .06    0
25 MPH            15.1    0      28    .08    0
Looking at the old cat it looks good. This is the only failed one that still had the grid in side.

Also the old AFM looked strange there was a lot of glue on the bottom.
and it was mounted with mismatched screws and the square intake horn was missing.

I think the AFM was the only problem. But with a new cat the NO is 0%
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