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I'm new to this forum and jumping in with both feet.I have a California 1978 Spider... It was originally equipped with the catalyst and air pump.... that I need to bring back to original smog equipment.

Does any one know who sells new (or used/recon) parts for this in the USA?

Specifically I'm looking for the air-injection-rail with check valve and the air filter assembly for the inlet side of the Air Pump (aka "smog pump") and the heat riser off the manifold.

I also need a new down-pipe between the cast Iron manifold and the catalyst... the stock one was cut up and welded on this car to bypass the catalytic converter.

Does anyone have any parts breakdown diagrams of this equipment or links?

Thank you, very much, in advance for any help you lend pointing me in the right direction.


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Alfa Parts Exchange is your friend

It helps to have specifics ready when you call; your VIN and the info from your door plate so you will know exactly what year of manufacture your car really is.

Alfa Parts Exchange - Used Alfa Romeo Parts

They will have used parts for your car.
They're also located in California, so they should be familiar with what you'll need.
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