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Silicone or other high-temp cam belt?

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Hi all,

Mate of mine is finishing up a turbo conversion on a 2.5 engine. Although he's changed it to free-running, he'd like a better-than-stock cam belt if one is available, since he's fitted it with a pair of turbos lifted from a Maserati Biturbo.

He said he's unable to source a silicone belt from his usual sources - just wondered if any of you performance nuts have encountered them or something equivalent.

Thanks for any help.

Cheers, MK.
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id LOVE to beilve that something other than stock is availibe but i dont beilve so
Gates makes timing Belts in a few different grades:

-High Temp. Neporene
-Highly saturated nitrile
(ascending order)

I was sent a neporene one because I didn't realise you could get anything different but it's possible they could produce any belt in any material. AFAIK the silicone belts are normally only made for HP Jap engines but it's worth a call. The 12V part number is T120(also for Bosch)

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Brilliant, thanks Scott.

Looking at the Gates site, the T120 comes up as an item made from "CR" - I can't find a key to the abbreviation. When you say you were sent a neoprene one, do you mean that you can ask for any of their products to be made up in a specific material?
Hi Matthew. I just made a call to Gates and got the full story. The only belt they do for the 12v is the neoprene, presumably "CR". I just thought because they made different compund belts they might be able to accomodate special one-offs. You could try a PM to 'Barryh', he's a South African tuner that's done heaps of 12V's and might know of something better.

But why? No matter what one does to increase the output of the motor, there is no significant increase in the load on the belt. IMHO, materials and technology have improved over time to the point where a new 'basic' belt is be more than adequate. Some change at 30k, others at 50k but as inexpesive as they are, the determining factor is most often the waterpump. Spend your money on brakes and track time.
Thanks Scott - much appreciated. I'll shoot Barry a PM and see if he knows. And Graham, your points are well made, especially for an engine which has been modified to free running - I was just passing on a request.
Yeah for a non-interference engine it's not such a big deal. Although as for technology I'm not sure too much has changed. The lady at Gates explained that they only do a neoprene belt because that's what they came out with.
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