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Silicone hose kit-spider 82-94

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Hiperformancestore (Greg Gordon) red hose kit. New and complete. $100 includes shipping in US.
PM if interested.
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No wonder you didn't want to trade for my picture..Anthony
My momma didn't raise no fools!
If you want, I'll give you a killer deal on this hose kit provided you show up for the tech session April 23 (I think) at David and Eileen's and we'll install it on your car. I'm going for a fine tune of my ignition and mixture on my GTV.
Unless someone else buys it.
I do mean "we" as in hands on.
I grabbed it with the intention of using whatever I needed to do my GTV but since I've bought 4 or 5 of these kits from Greg over the years I had enough extra hoses to do my Spica system.
It absolutely eliminates vacuum issues. Your hoses are 20 years old and the new silicone lines look cool. Since you're an old fart like me they'll last longer than we will.
That sounds like a deal..I am planning on geing at the Tech Session, so bring the hoses...I understand hands on actually I would like to do it to learn as long as I have someone around that can help if I get in trouble.....we took the wine tour Saturday and it was spider really ran well.....
I'll bring the hose kit over then, and we'll install it in a jiffy. I'll probably stay over Sat night.
I think you'll really enjoy your Spider now that you've solved your fuel issue.
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