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Side mirrors for 6C 2500SS Touring coupe

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I am restoring a 1948 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500SS Touring coupe #915630. Due to the beautiful closed body lines I am expecting this car to be very difficult to drive without the use of rear view mirrors on each side of the car. I realize that these cars apparently were never supplied with outside mirrors by the factory.

I have been looking for period correct accessory mirrors made in Italy or France that would be correct for the age and history of this car. So far I have found nothing.

Does anyone have a suggestion where I could find some suitable mirrors for this car? I am trying to keep it as original as possible, and anything non-original has to look like it came with the car or was added by the first owner. I have found lots of British and American replica mirrors but they just don't look right on this car. It spent most of its life in Italy and in France.

I would mount the side mirrors on the heavy aluminum frame around the door windows. The mounting would have to be bolts into tapped holes in the window frame.
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Same here, I am also searching for those mirrors. DId you happen to find anything?

I am also looking for the interior backwards mirror mounted on the dashboard for my 1940 Alfa
Rear view mirrors

Yes I found some brand new mirrors that copy old designs. The company is Vintage Supplies Ltd. in England. They have a nice website with good photos and dimensions. They shipped immediately, and I like the quality. I chose an oval mirror design that looks good on this curvy bodywork. There were several design options such as flat or curved lenses, lens dimensions, type of plating, and mounting designs.
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