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First, I hope this is an appropriate place for this posting. I looked around the site but didn’t see any place else that seems any better than this.
During the last 8 years I’ve been building a workshop and filling it with tools and equipment that allow me to handle any job. The main driver behind building the shop was to support a small farm services business I owned and also allow me to do auto restoration; my first true passion. I’ve since sold off the services business and recently finished my latest restoration project which leaves the shop sitting idle. At this time I’m not eager to start another project and instead would like to offer the shop out on an “as needed” rental basis. I haven’t figured out exactly how it will work or what the rate structure will be, but I would first like to know if there would be any interest for using it. My thought is the shop can be rented in a number of ways, which would include hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and based on the part of the shop being used. My goal is to offer out a nice facility without a long term rental commitment. If most people are like me, we are mainly “weekend mechanics” that only need a few good hours to “get it out of our system” (that’s what my wife tells me). Essentially there are 2 bays to work in, 3 if we squeeze in tight. 1 bay has a lift in it and the other 2 are open work spaces. As an example for how I would rent the space: using the lift would be at a higher rate than working in the open areas. Using certain equipment such as the sandblast cabinet, welders, cutters, etc would have a separate usage charge. The shop is located in my back yard which has a Leesburg, VA address. There won’t be any restrictions on access to the shop or hours of operations. Listed below are the highlights of the shop and a few pictures of the interior.

• Heat and AC
• Water
• Electric: 110V (20A), 220V (20A), 220V (50A)
• Compressed Air
• Chain Hoists
• Auto Lift
• 17 Inch Drill Press
• Welders: 110V MIG, 220V Stick
• Acetylene Torch
• Sandblast Cabinet (Commercial grade)
• Floor Jacks and Jack Stands
• Work Benches
• Large Bench Vise
• Saws: reciprocating “saws all”, steel chop saw, 3 inch “cut off” tool
• Sanders and Grinders
• 1/2” drive impact wrench
• Hammers, large and small
• Long term storage area for parts big and small
• Shop supplies which are included in rental rates:
o Rags
o Welding, sandblasting and cutting supplies
o WD-40, Liquid Wrench or equivalent
o General Purpose Grease
o Hand cleaner
• Available upon request:
o 3/4” drive socket set
o Tap and Die set
o Other Hand Tools


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