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"Like, can we use a generic spring compressor?"

On the front, yes you can. I used one of the auto parts store (or maybe Sears) threaded rods w/clamps version to compress the front strut enough to clear the shock shaft so that I could attach a visegrips to hold the shaft while I loosened the nut. It worked well on two cars, although you do have to be careful of course, standing to one side while you use it, never stand in line with the shaft. Much energy stored in the compressed front spring when compressed.

The rear strut doesn't really need a spring compression rig, as you can push down on the soft spring enough to get at things. Maybe use the compression rig a little to clear the shaft, but on reassembly, you don't need it, being able to push down on the soft spring enough to put on the nut.

I sure would advise that you have a copy of the workshop manual, and look at the Fiat parts eper on the web @ (FIAT ePER :: The FIAT Forum) to see the assy of the parts. That should be enough, at least it was for me, and I had not worked on the struts before.
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