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I think you'll find some pretty good step by step instruction in some older threads. Also some good info on parts to replace...bearings, dust boots, bump stops. The top supports might be in the best shape overall, but you might need visual inspection to tell for sure. I'm still researching all of this myself for a suspension rebuild hopefully in the spring. From what I've seen, usually everything needs to be replaced at the age of these cars.

Besides the spring compressors, you may need some different wrenches, ratchets, etc to get the top nut off the front struts. Maybe an impact gun. That's my experience on other cars. I think that's what Steve is alluding to.

If you're not intimidated by compressing the spring, you should be good. Note how everything comes apart and reassemble the same way. The end of the spring usually wants to sit in a specific spot.

I'm a believer in having it aligned after suspension work.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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