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Shifter knob and boot replacement - S4

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I'm about to replace the OE shifter on the '91 S4 with a wood one, and replace the OE shifter boot with a leather one. It appears the shifter is just a friction fit, and it pulls off with the new one being pushed on - correct? Before I unnecessarily remove the entire interior to replace the boot, what is the correct procedure for removing the old boot and installing the new leather one?
THANK YOU for your assistance.

Gary Knox
West Chester, PA
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I'll email you the intructions.
Here's removing the center console after the lower console was removed.
Removing the boot, stick the screwdriver in the shift hole to get to clips easier.

Thanks for all your assistance, and the e-mails relating to this repair.

Gary Knox
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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