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Shield gas setup

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I just started using shield gas this past week now that I'm getting into visible bodywork. I have simple Lincoln Weld-Pak 110 with the optional gas setup and a 40 cu ft bottle. The gas kit didn't really have any instructions aside form how to rig up the solenoid and bits inside the welder, but I have experience with SCUBA gear and figured a regulator is a regulator (SCUBA regs are pre-dialed in). I tightened everything down and went to town. First off, WAY easier than flux core work. I can actually see the pool and move it smoothly. Fun!

Anyway, I had worked for about 20 minutes (actual weld time) and the bottle went dry. I'd read a 40 bottle should last at least an hour, so I figure I either have a leak or I've set up something incorrectly.

Any advice on how to diagnose? Or any other suggestions?
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try dialing the gas down till it's not fun anymore and you get spatter
It was a burr in the bottle's valve... they graciously gave me a free refill.
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