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She's back....

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Finally, after months of waiting my little Italian pain in the posterior is back in my garage...

What feels like an age ago I collected a T/S gearbox and diff from fellow BBer Phil Mac (cheers Phil, I'll bring coffee next time!) with a plan of giving Il Monstro a bit of a make-over.... I planned on this one being a quick job... I shoud have known better, after all I've owned my money pit for 7 years.

After the box and diff were pulled apart I set about collecting bits from various places across the planet, including Australia, the US, Germany, the UK and here in NZ... so it could be put back together again... the way it came out of the factory!

I drove the car for the first time yesterday and I still haven't stopped smiling... The LDS is a great match for the car ... I think I'm going to enjoy this!

Now I just need to get it through the roadworthy check which it failed today on a torn steering rack boot of all things!

The next project is unfortunately going to have to wait for Jim K's book!
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