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After blowing up my 33 16v 4 months ago she breaths again:)..

I managed to get a engine from a series 3 cat model, mine being a pre cat.

The only thing is it just doesn't seem as quick as before:confused:.

I have a few questions if you guys could help me.:

Was there a difference between the cat engine and non cat.

There seems to be a slight misfire i have put new plugs and leads, rotor arm and dizzy cap, but it still idles a bit rough and performance is not right you can feel it pull strong then not so strong almost like running on three cylinders, i have tested the resistance on injectors and they are all within 0.2 of each other the average being 16oms?. Do you guys think i could just have a blocked injector:confused: i unplugged injector 3 and the idling just stayed in the rough zone without the smooth, plugging it back in made the erraticness come back.. could it be a dodgy injector..

Hope that made sense comments appreciated.


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