Set of Four original 14x7x108 bc Minilites, Probably off a Trans Am car. In my possession since the 1980's. These have not been tested during my ownership so I can say nothing about that. I believe them to be aluminum alloy. There are inserts at the bolt holes converting the sleeve mount to conical.

Here are some wheel info from thread at (246) Common Alfa Romeo Wheel Weights | Alfa Romeo Forums (

Some wheel weights and OS = Off Set, BS = Back Space, all BC=108mm

14x7 GTA Campys real ones 11.9 lb OS +24mm Magnesium
14x7 MiniLights real ones 14 lb OS +25mm, BS 4-7/8 in , Alu????
14x7 Millia Miglias real ones 14 lb OS +6mm Aluminum (New weight comparision: The 1971 10 hole weighs 13lb 10 oz and the 1974 5 hole surprisingly weighs 13lb 6 oz.)

14x6 Millia Miglias, Aluminum

$2000 plus shipping and PP or other Fees.

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