Came with my 1987 Spider when I got it from the PO.
Nothing wrong with them as far as I can tell but I'm making many changes to the car suspension including the shocks.

They are made in Japan and KYB has been around forever.
They are not high end shocks and go on for about 170.00 dollars for a set of 4.
The rubber bellows on the top of pic can be removed and placed in hot water for a while to reset it. I believe that, when first mounted they turned it while trying to tighten the lock nuts. Anyways it's cosmetic and since it goes inside the rear spring it can not be seen.
The rubber grommets were squished so I'm including a set I had from another project which are new.

I'm asking $100 for all with shipping included to the lower 48 States.
Paypal is OK but send to "friends and family" otherwise you'll have to pay their fees.

PM me if interested.
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