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Hi All,

Looking to access peoples “car memory”. My GTV6 has a gap in service history. Any info, or ideas on where I might find some info greatly appreciated.

1986 GTV6. Zender body kit. Silver. Currently has Momo 5 star wheels. See photo.
Original rego OQY(V?)-284. Current rego GTV-25L

I have the original service book showing delivery from Frank Crott Motors on 29/9/1987.

Service book has stamps For 10,000 & 20,000 km services at Frank Crott. 20,000 km service is dated 8/9/88. There are three further stamps for Mobile Mechanic - Simon Thistleton, undated.

Fast forward to 2015. Car was sold by Steven Hasic of Mortdale NSW, (who seems to have turned over a few alfas over time) to Nic Hunn of QLD. Nic had quite a bit of work done, which I have the receipts for, and I bought the car from Nic in early 2017.

There are service stickers in the engine bay for a few mechanics that I have called with no result.

So just a small 27 year gap to nail down.

Any assistance gratefully accepted.


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