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Series 4 Spider Fuel Pump Question

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Trying to diagnose my non-start condition....when does the main fuel pump sound on the late model spider? When you turn to the first click on the ignition, second it constant?

The pump was clearly audible in my old Spider from the first click on, but is conspicuously absent right now, but maybe its only audible with the engine running in "newer" Spiders.

Any help would be appreciated!
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My fuel pump is audible only when the car is running hence it fires when the key is turned to start it. It does not run with the key in any other position. First click I get all idiot lights, radio etc., second I get ignition with the pump on.

I believe I may have seen your post in the AD also (?). Not to be redundant, but have you confirmed flow through the pump under the car before the fuel rail? Then at the rail? I presume you have spark after the coil. I ask this as last year at Limerock, a guy had a GTV with a no start and he assumed he had spark and looked for other gremlins. I pulled the coil wire, had him pop the motor and no spark. He had fried his electrinic ignition.

FWIW ....
Unfortunately (or fortunately however you look at it) I have Spark.
Thanks for the quick reply though....back to the drawing board.
My knowledge of L-Jet and Motronic is VERY limited but from what I understand, the fuel supply pump should run in both start and key on/engine on. It will not run in key on/engine off. I'm told, however, with the key on/engine off and manually moving the flap in the Air Flow Meter (AFM), the fuel pump should operate.
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