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Series 4 distributor port order - help

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I fitted brand new correct type plug leads this afternoon as my S4 has been idling roughly & misfiring occasionally.

With the original leads I notices that one wasn't the correct type so I figured that may be the problem.

However, since fitting the the new leads the car took a while to start and now (just about) runs like a bag of bolts.

I though I was careful in replacing the leads but perhaps I wasn't.

Can someone please confirm which plug lead goes to which distributor terminal when viewed directly above from the passenger side?

Thank you,
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According to the service manual (click below), the notch in the dizzy body should be at about 04:30. With the rotor tip lined up with the notch (top dead center for cyl. #1), the lead for cylinder #1 should be directly above the tip of the rotor. Then, in a clockwise direction, is the #3 cyl lead, then 4 and then 2.


Thanks. I have the manual but not being at all technical I didn't understand

I'm fairly sure I put everything where it should go but if I had got one lead in the wrong place, would the engine even run?


I'm fairly sure I put everything where it should go but if I had got one lead in the wrong place, would the engine even run?
It would run kind of like you describe - hard to start, irregular.

Keep in mind that you can't just have ONE lead off - you must reverse at least two, unless one lead is just hanging loose.

The way Papajam describes the distributor wires is how it is SUPPOSED to be. However, if your engine or distributor have ever been disassembled, there is a chance that at TDC the rotor will be pointed some other way. It is surprising how many Alfa engines have #1 at 9:00, or at 12:00, or .....

Not to complicate your life too much, but to be really certain, you will need to align the "F" mark on the crankshaft pulley with the timing pointer that's bolted to the base of the waterpump, ensure that both #1 valves are closed by looking through the #1 sparkplug hole, and then observe where the rotor is pointed - that's #1.
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Thanks for all the advice:)

The dizzy is the right way around but I'd put 3 & 4 in the wrong port:(

I've also reported this thread to ask if a moderator / administrator can move it to the Spider lounge.

Monday wasn't my best

Congrats, Simon and thanks for the update!
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