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Series 3 'Sud - plastic bumpers...

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Hi Folks,

A few days ago I quickly purchased (for a very good price) a new front and rear bumper bar for my 1983 'Sud Ti.

Stupid me - in my eagerness to buy, I didn't realise that the bumpers were for a Series 3 4/5 door 'Sud. :eek::eek::eek:

Now I know that the front bumper for a Series 3 4/5 door 'Sud is quite different to that on a Series 3 Ti, but are the rear bumpers the same?

Thanks in advance for any help provided...

Andrew Matusiewicz
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I would say yes. If someone has the parts list though they can confirm it. My saying yes is based on; width of car is the same Ti-5dr, wheelbase is the same so distance from rear panel to rear arch is the same. It is only the front indicators that are different thus the different front bumpers
i dont know the differences but i definitely have a series 3 ti '83 rear bumper in red if your interested.
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