$10,000 or BEST OFFER
(more pics below on the thread)

My Father recently passed away and we (the family) are selling his collection of parts as a whole lot. We'd prefer not to sell piece by piece, and sell the full lot to a buyer. Here's a small selection of what we have (too many parts to post, so please see the pics and the google sheet below). In regards to the google sheet it will give you a good idea of what's available and we have more that are not listed on there as well (also a small amount of the parts have been sold off of the google sheet, but the mass majority are still available).

Respectfully, we the family are aware of the value of these parts, but are also flexible with the pricing for the lot (hence the price being 10K, as we know the value is much higher than that). Please feel free to send a direct message if you're a serious buyer and want the whole lot.

Parts Collection - the majority of these parts are used original Alfa Romeo parts
Alfa Parts
*Many parts/pieces not included in the pictures or the link above are available in the lot as well
*Small selection of Fiat and other older European car parts/pieces are part of the lot as well
*Small selection of the parts listed in the link above have been sold and not marked as sold

We're asking $10,000 or BEST OFFER