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I am parting out a 1977 spider, and have a number of good components available for sale. While I’m at it, I’m selling a few bits and pieces from other Alfas. Parts are located in San Juan Capistrano in south Orange County. Pick-up is preferred over shipping, particularly for larger items. Call Jay at (949) 412 5830 (days) or [email protected] to discuss price and availability.

Here’s what ISN’T available: I am keeping the engine, trans, front suspension, and differential. The Spica pump, steering wheel, wiper arms, and console top are already sold.

Here’s a partial list of what IS available:

5 Campagnolo Turbina wheels
Seats & tracks for the ’77 spider. Minimal rust to pans. Need re-upholstering
Interior bits – console sides, switches, indicator lights, kick plates, windshield black plastic lining, door panels & hardware
Tachometer, and 3 small gauges
Interior & exterior mirrors
Black rubber mats – not perfect, but pretty good.
Emergency brake handle
Grey carpet for trunk. Horizontal piece near battery has acid damage
Battery cover & grey hold-down knobs
Tail light and license light assemblies
Spica manifold, hard lines, air cleaner
Bosch 3 port electric fuel pump
Gas tank
Hood, trunklid, doors
Nice luggage rack that mounts on trunklid
Convertible top & frame. Top is vinyl, rear window is still clear – OK condition
Air pump, airpump bracket, little air filter, air injector to exhaust manifold
Almost new catalytic converter
Exhaust manifold. Does have a crack, but has been repaired, passed smog OK
All exhaust pipes from header back including dummy catalytic converter (free, but no way I’m shipping this stuff!)
Oil separator
Pair of Recaro seats and tracks. “Sitztyp IS.LS” (look similar to current “SE” model) Cloth center section needs replacing some stitching on tan vinyl is coming loose.
4 OE wheels from a 1991 164L
4.56 differential and Girling brakes from a ’65 Sprint GT.
Front spindles, hubs, and Girling brakes from a ’65 Sprint GT
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