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I'm not trying to disturb the good style here in our GT sub-forum. I just thought that if anybody in northern Europe was looking for a nice 2-litre - mine is for sale.

I've practically had the car since new. It had 25,000 km on the clock when I picked it up i Rome 15 years ago. It has been used every summer since and has been meticulously maintained at a renowned specialist.

The structure and all mechanicals are strong and undamaged, but there are some dents and bruises around the body, and since I had the car since "factory-fresh" I have been too reluctant to catch the (little) rust damage behind the wheels.

I have most of the factory-original parts in my workshop, but as can be seen, the car has been modified a bit over the years. I've tried to keep the appearance of the car "original".

Here's a little promotion video:

Tonnes of videos and pictures on my blog and my youtube channel.
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